Letter to the Editor: Break-Ins in Camps-Ocean Gardens Residence

I am so glad you guys are doing this website, I think Ross tries to downplay the levels of crime on this island and it leaves students naive and vulnerable to attack.

I live with my husband in Camps-Ocean Gardens (the neighborhood right before the nursing school if you are heading towards Ross). We have been broken into twice – once in the beginning of June and again at the end of June.

We originally only had wooden doors on our house with deadbolts. Thieves can easily stick a screwdriver between the wooden door and the top of the deadbolt to get to the internal workings of the deadbolt and get the door to unlock.

The same day as our second break in 2 of our neighbors also got robbed, one was not home, and one was at home when it happened. We were not home during either break in.

We have now had metal security doors installed, locks changed, and thumb bolts put it on the inside for added protection when we’re home. And we’re having alarms sent down from America that will go off if the door is opened.

The police and Ross Security came and made a report but obviously nothing will come of it. We had a laptop, iPod, backpack, and DVD player stolen.

Something that I think should be brought up is this statement on the Ross website’s security page:

The off-campus mobile officers patrol in the areas where our community members live. Although the Safety & Security Officers do not have any police powers while off campus, their patrols do compliment the local Police Force. Their presence provides a significant deterrent to crime.

I am home most of the day, and live in an area that is almost completely comprised of Ross students, and have never once seen a patrol in my neighborhood.

Good luck with the new site, I hope it helps everyone more aware of the crime here. If I had known then what I know now I would never have moved somewhere that didn’t have metal security doors!

Spouse of a 2nd semester Ross student

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