‘Uncontrolled Dogs’

Mr. Lynell Nolan, Director of Safety and Security at RUSVM, sent the following message to the Ross community on Monday (7/5/10):

I have received a number of complaints, one as late as today, from members of the St. Kitts public concerning students that walk their dogs unleashed, and the dogs are approaching persons on their walks. This is not appreciated by the Kittitians, as they are of the belief that the dogs are coming to attack them. Some further reports are made concerning some students who allow their dogs at their residences to leave the confines of the premises and go into the public road in an aggressive manner after passersby. Owners of dogs are requested to control their dogs to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

The responses we’ve heard from students contain a mixture of anger and disbelief. So we contacted Mr. Nolan to ask him about Ross’ policies for keeping students safe, as well as methods of disseminating information about crime incidents and altercations. We’ll post that message here soon. In the meantime, please let us know what you think about the “Uncontrolled Dogs” message.

Mr. Nolan can be contacted at lnolan[at]rossvet.edu.kn or by phone at 869-465-4161 x191.

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One Response to ‘Uncontrolled Dogs’

  1. Lindsay says:

    Considering the HIGH number of dogs running the streets all over St. Kitts that are “owned” by Kittians I think it is ludicrous that they could possibly complain about Ross students letting their dogs off leash. Not that it is okay for any dog to ever be off leash, but at least Ross student’s dogs are usually spay/neutered, parasite free and have had some degree of training/obedience. Kittitan dogs are constantly in a state of ill-health, covered in ticks, and completely lacking in training. Ross should be much more concerned with getting those dogs off of the streets – why doesn’t Ross offer low-cost wellness and vaccination services for these animals? The free spay clinics are good, but they aren’t enough. The waiting list is too long and they are not advertised to the general public. Students could get great experience with educating clients about general wellness and preventative care while learning how to deal with low-income populations. Ross needs to spend it’s time investigating offering services into the community rather than just being holed up on campus turning a blind eye to the suffering of St. Kitts’ animals.

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