Theft at Firehouse Field

The message below was distributed to RUSVM students by SAAVMA VP Chad Harris, just after midnight on 9/9/10. It regards a theft at Firehouse Field on Wednesday evening, and it raises some important questions. Why not put up one or two security cameras at the field to assist the police in finding criminals, and also to keep both locals and students safer? Why not have a Ross Security staff member on the premises during university events at Firehouse Field? If you have questions or comments, please post them below.

Tonight at the end of the Ultimate Frisbee competition, a local man ran in from the shadows just behind the wall where the concessions were set up, grabbed their container of money and ran off. There were a group of students that chased after him, but were unable to catch him. Ross Security and the St Kitts Police Department were both contacted and both have filled out reports. Ross Security advised us not to chase individuals in that area due to a high crime rate, but the PD said to “use your better judgement.” We interviewed several locals who saw the chase take place along with the PD, which responded rather quickly, and I can assure you the investigating P.D. was very thorough and will continue to gather information on the crime. At that time, we found out that it was not just one individual involved, but possibly up to three. We are very lucky nobody was injured. The chances of the individual or the group will be caught are low, but the officers were very appreciative of the information and assured they will do all they can. Both Ross Security and the Police Department asked that I informed the students ASAP instead of going through Mr. Nolan because we will be having events in the same place for the next two nights. I was informed to instruct everyone to keep all personal belongings on them or attended at all times. It appeared as if the responsible individual for tonight’s theft had been “eyeing” the money for a good period of time and acted when the money was slightly unattended, even though there were many people standing right there. Once again, what happened tonight was not a violent crime, but please do not leave your personal belongings unattended or when they are not on your person.

P.S. If you are going to be selling concessions, please confer with me before you set up as I was instructed on the safest recommended places for setting up.

Thank you and stay safe!!!!

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3 Responses to Theft at Firehouse Field

  1. Susan says:

    I am surprised that Ross security is not present at large Ross events such as Olympics. At smaller events held at Firehouse Fields, such as last semester’s Championship Football Game, I noticed that not only are the areas surrounding the field are quite dark, there are a number of ways for individuals to enter and exit the field without anyone noticing. No problems occured at this particular event last semester, but it doesn’t surprise me that something has happened this semester. In general, I am proud of Rossies for looking after their classmates, and hopefully we can work together as a community to prevent any further crimes.

  2. dd says:

    “Why not put up one or two security cameras at the field to assist the police in finding criminals, and also to keep both locals and students safer?”

    Covering the entire nation at all road junctions with cameras will cost less than a million. Watch crime disappear when people know they will be caught on camera. To solve a crime all you have to do is to jump back in time from camera to camera and follow him home from the scene of crime. That million will be earned several times over as tourism increases as soon as tourists know they are safe on the islands.

    • eyeonstkitts says:

      This was suggested to the Ross Security team during the reevaluation of their security measures in 2011. They dismissed the idea as ridiculous, even if it meant only putting cameras in high-risk zones like Timothy Beach.

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