Recent Crime Reports on St. Kitts

Ross University still has not made their Incident Report System open to the public. As a result, we will move forward with our stated plan to publish every incident as it happens, likely once per week. The list below contains “reported Incidents occurring in ALL locations for the last 30 days.”

Saturday, Mar. 12, 2011

* Frigate Bay 10:05 PM: A black male attempted to stea al student’s vehicle. He was spotted by Windsor student whio came outside his apt to have smoke. He noticed the individual in the said vehicle and raised an alarm whereupon the person drew a sharp object and weilded it at the alarm raiser . He missed and ran away. The student was called and informed .She discovered that the ignition wire was cut . Ross mobile responded and Officer Wattley #465 of the Frigate Bay outpost took statements.

Friday, Mar. 11, 2011

* Golfview 10:20 PM: A member of staff residence was broken into and one(1)IPOD, one (1) silver mountain pedal bike and five ($500EC) hundred dollars was stolen from the individual purse. There were no personal injuries. WPC Stevens and PC Weekes of the Frigate Bay Outpost were at the scene along with Ross Mobile patrols officers.

* New Road Housing 7:30 AM: On 11:3:11 at about 07:30 am a staff of Ross University was involved in a traffic accident at Parry’s Village, St. Peters. The vehicles involved in the accident sustained minor damages. No personal injuries. The Director of Safety and Security, Mr. Nolan and officers of the mobile patrol attended the accident. No.436 P.C. Belle of Stapleton Police Station carried out investigations.

Wednesday, Mar. 09, 2011

* Basseterre 5:05 PM: A student called the emergency line and reported that she is involved in a traffic accident. The student did not sustained any personal injuries, however the passenger and driver on the other vehicle complained of pain. As a result, the passenger was taken to the Emergency Unit at JNF Hospital by a private vehicle for observation. Both vehicle sustained minor damaged. Police Officer Carey of Traffic Department was informed and Mobile patrol vehicle was dispatched.

* Basseterre 6:30 AM: A traffic accident took place in Basseterre at the junction of Cayon Street and Baker’s Corner. It involved a student and a civilian. The circumstances are that while the student attempted to proceed around the roundabout, the civilian who drove a jeep PA134 was backing up. The student tooted her horn but to no avail and the jeep PA 134 backed into her vehicle. Ross mobile was called and responded. Police officer Boudine #685 took statements. No injuries sustained.

Monday, Mar. 07, 2011

* Mattingley Heights 6:55 PM: Student called Security Dispatch and reported that he was attacked by his landlord dog at his apartment.

Sunday, Mar. 06, 2011

* Boyds Project 10:25 PM: A student got into a traffic accident on her way home to Stonefort. There was no vehicle collision however; she thought she saw something or someone cut across the vehicle, so she swerved to avoid whatever it appeared to be. In the event, she collided with a nearby fence and struck telegraph pole 100 yards away. Officers Woodley and Paul of the Ross Mobile attended and the WPC Hanley of Old Road police took statements. Though the vehicle was extensively damaged, no injuries were sustained.

* Campus 2:45 PM: A staff member was involved in a double vehicle traffic accident on campus in the Faculty Parking Lot. There were no personal injuries but there were minor damages done to all vehicles. The matter was reported to the Director, Mr. Nolan.

Saturday, Mar. 05, 2011

* Frigate Bay 8:05 AM: Student called Security Dispatch, and reported that he is not feeling well, and a friend taking him to the Hospital.

Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011

* Trafalgar Village 12:35 PM: A student had blown out on the road to Frigate Bay besides the Central Bank and his car was totaled. Ross security happened to be passing and saw the student and spoke to him. He said he heard pop and ended up in that area. Police officer Carey of the Basseterre Police attended the scene. There were no personal injuries and no other vehicle was involved.

Saturday, Feb. 26, 2011

* Frigate Bay 8:20 PM: The Burglar Alarm at a Faculty’s residence was activated. No.228 WPC Charles, Frigate Bay Outpost was informed. Officers Williams and Liddie of the mobile patrol were dispatched to the scene. A check was made of the apartment with the dog sitter and the alarm was reset.

* Frigate Bay 10:07 AM: Student called the Safety and security Emergency Line and reported to Security Dispatch, and requested the assistance of a tow truck.

* Frigate Bay 12:53 AM: A student called Dispatch and reported that someone just drove off with her friend’s car. Officers Hakim and Paul of the Ross Safety and Security went to the scene and learnt that a black male had forcibly entered the car, demanded that she get out and drove off with her friend in the vehicle. The complainant was driven to the Frigate Bay Outpost where PC Mc Guire took the necessary information. The Director of Safety & Security was informed.

Friday, Feb. 25, 2011

* West Farm 10:22 AM: Security Dispatch Officer recieved a call from a student in classroom #1 where it was reported that a student fell ill. The school nurse and the emergency services attended. The student was taken to the hospital for observation.

Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011

* Buckleys Site 4:55 PM: A staff of Ross University reported that she received information that another staff is involved in a traffic accident in a vehicle owned by Ross University. There was no personal injuries. The mobile patrol was dispatched and WPC Gardener #586 of the Traffic Department was informed. The Police Officer advised dispatch that due to prior engagment, they could not attend immediately. Deputy Director, Mr. Christian was informed. Both vehicle sustained minor damaged.

Sunday, Feb. 20, 2011

* Halfmoon Bay 2:15 AM: A student residing at Half-moon Bay called via the emergency line and reported that at about 02:15 a.m on 20:2:11 as she was leaving her apartment and going towards her car she saw two men removing the tyre from her car and when they saw her they ran away. She checked the car and discovered a triangular window smashed, $2 U.S. dollars missing. The mobile patrol was dispatched to the scene. The matter reported to No. 633 WPC Stevens at Frigate Bay Outpost for investigations.

Friday, Feb. 18, 2011

* Golfview 7:19 PM: A staff reported via the emergency line that at about 7:13 pm on 18:2:11 while at her home at Frigate Bay, some men came and were banging on her door. Officers of the mobile patrol were dispatched to the scene. However, the officers reported that having spoken to the staff; she reported that the banging on her door was unintended. No need for police involvement.

* Mattingley Heights 6:30 AM: Student reported being attacked by a dog while walking her dog in the Mattingley area, next to the Western Apartments. Both student and the student’s dog received injuries. Student was treated by the campus nurse, while the dog is been treated by the VTH. Student will be contacting the police.

Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2011

* Halfmoon Bay 9:30 PM: A faculty member reported that his apartment was broken into and a number of his personal items including a laptop computer, $400.00 Canadian, one (1) SX 120 Digital Camera, one (1) Dell MP3 Player and a traveling mouse were stolen. There were no personal injuries. The matter was reported to PC Michael of the Frigate Bay Outpost. Mobile patrol was dispatched to the scene.

Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011

* Cedar Grove 6:40 PM: A student called the emergency line and reported that she heard a loud bang at her front door and loud nioses outside. She requested the presence of the mobile patrol. As a result, the mobile patrol was dispatched and Basseterre Police Station was contacted. The matter was reported to PC Liburd, force No. 302.

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