Congrats to RUSVM on its Full AVMA Accredidation

Eye on St. Kitts would like to express congratulations to all students of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine for the recent full accreditation by the American Veterinary Medical Association, as reported by RUSVM’s dean of communications. You can find out more about AVMA accreditation at Below is an excerpt from the story:

As a result of the AVMA accreditation, graduates from RUSVM will now be able to sit for licensure to practice veterinary medicine in the U.S. or Canada without first completing a special foreign graduate examination.

RUSVM aligned research to enhance student education and play a more dynamic role in its program. The School also significantly increased the size of its faculty and staff, introduced new courses, such as communication and clinical skills, and integrated clinical competency training throughout the curriculum. Additional facilities were constructed to support the program development, including infrastructure upgrades, construction of new buildings and renovation of existing space. In addition, the Ross University Veterinary Teaching Hospital received accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association—the first teaching hospital to achieve this status outside the U.S. and Canada.

“Receiving AVMA accreditation is a significant milestone for the School and reflects years of collaborative planning and development among our veterinary leadership team, the faculty and the staff of the University,” said Thomas C. Shepherd, DHA, president of Ross University. “We are proud to receive this recognition of our commitment to the quality standards set by the AVMA and will continue to support robust development of the Ross University veterinary program. Our guiding principle has been and continues to be academic excellence.”

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