Update on Ross Professor Attack

On Sunday, March 20, at 7:00 pm, RUSVM professor Bernard Grevemeyer was attacked in his Half Moon Heights apartment and $500 US was stolen. SKNVibes reported on the matter on Monday, including some details omitted by Mr. Nolan, Ross’s Director of Safety & Security (such as the professor’s name).

“The main door to Professor Grevemeyer’s apartment was ajar while he was at the time reading a book in his bedroom. A masked man in black clothing entered the apartment, went into the bedroom and tied the professor’s hands behind his back under gunpoint.

“The gunman then said to Professor Grevemeyer, ‘Where is your money?’…and the professor told him that it was in the bedroom. He found the money, took an undisclosed amount and put the gun in his pocket. While he was rummaging through other parts of the bedroom, Professor Grevemeyer managed to free his hands. He picked up a piece of wood and struck the bandit with it.

“The bandit, surprised by the professor’s reaction, ran to the door, pulled the gun out of his pocket and fired a shot at the professor. Luckily, the bullet missed the professor and was embedded in the wall,” the source said.

SKNVibes contacted the professor, who confirmed what the source said and indicated that the incident had left him traumatised.

At press time, Assistant Commissioner of Police with responsibility for Crime, Ian Queeley indicated to this media house that he was at a meeting and could not have provided any details on the incident. He however promised to do so at the earliest opportunity.

If you’d like to attempt to reach Mr. Queeley, the phone number for St. Kitts Police Headquarters is 869-465-2241.

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One Response to Update on Ross Professor Attack

  1. Amys mom says:

    Thanks for keeping parents informed!

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