RUSVM Add SKN Police Officer to Evening Patrols Due to Spike in Violent Crime

Ross University has notified its students that it is taking some immediate steps to increase off-campus security. The announcement comes in the wake of the fourth murder to happen in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis in 2011. Both SKNVibes and the St. Kitts-Nevis Observer have reported on the incident.

Dr. David J. DeYoung, Dean of RUSVM, sent an email to students this morning (Friday, April 8) explaining the situation and offering the following news:

I met with the Prime Minister earlier this week and had follow-up meetings on Tuesday with the St. Kitts Minister of Security and 10 other representatives from the St. Kitts government, police and military to discuss ways to immediately impact the crime situation.

Immediately, RUSVM has implemented the following:

* Increased the number of RUSVM roving patrols from two vehicles to three vehicles in the evening hours. Two vehicles are on duty during the day shift.

* Collaborated with the St. Kitts Police Force to add a St. Kitts Police Officer in some of the RUSVM roving patrol vehicles during the evening hours. Police officers began riding in the vehicles earlier this week. These officers have police jurisdiction. Also, the government and military forces are increasing patrols throughout St. Kitts and Nevis, and more specifically, in concentrated areas where break-ins are occurring, including the Frigate Bay and Half Moon Bay areas. In addition, RUSVM in combination with the support of DeVry, will be obtaining the services of an international external security consulting firm to review the security and crime in St. Kitts as it relates to the Ross community and assist us in creating a safer community and better security.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think these actions will be enough? If you’re a student living as a guest on St. Kitts, do you feel that your school is taking adequate precautions for your safety?

Eye on St. Kitts has obtained statistics from the Royal St. Kitts & Nevis Police Force, and we will be presenting an analysis of the crime situation shortly. As SKNVibes reports, none of the four homicides in 2011 have been solved:

Browne’s death has been the fourth murder recorded in the twin-island Federation for the year.

The first was that of Devon Morton of Upper Monkey Hill, St. Peters, who died at the JNF Hospital 15 days after he was shot by two masked gunmen in Mc Knight on the night of Monday, January 10.

The second murder was that of Sean ‘Tegroman’ Brazier (38) of Pitcairn Street, Newtown, who was shot multiple times to the body sometime after 3:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 5.

And the third was that of 29-year-old Quincy Liburd of Newcastle, Nevis, who was shot multiple times to the body in Conaree on Sunday, March 13.

To date, no one has been arrested in connection with these murders but police stated that investigations are ongoing.

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4 Responses to RUSVM Add SKN Police Officer to Evening Patrols Due to Spike in Violent Crime

  1. Anonymous says:

    f*** that them f***** gunman kiled for two

  2. Anonymous says:

    the government of st.kitts … i think u all not doing ur dam job rite . u all need two do back two all the dam gunmen the same way ok . shot dem ass back wen u get them cuz that f*** is not rite…….

  3. kilomike418 says:

    Forget about the human rights and Christian council and start hanging those people in order to get our country or better yet form a death squard between the police and defence force To eliminate that Senseless killing that is the only thing will bring back our beloved country. The additional patrols sound good but that’s a waste of time as we all know it

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