April Crime Incidents Reported by RUSVM

The following incidents were listed on Ross University’s report system in the month of April. The university continues to restrict this information to students and faculty alone, despite the fact that many have family members or significant others living with them. If you have been the victim of a crime, please consider adding the incident to our Report a Crime page by following the instructions listed there.

Saturday, Apr. 30, 2011

* Seabreeze Cres 1:35 PM: MISSSING DOG: 1st Student called security to report that he and his wife were pet sitting for a Faculty who is off island for the break. On 29 April, the dog got away and they could not locate it however, on 30 Apri, the dog was seen caged at the home of Neena Frazier who refused to hand over the dog unless paid US$300.00 of which student refused. Officer Warner and Police Officer from Frigate Bay were called to the scene to retrieved the dog, after some resistance Neena hand over the dog.

* Potato Bay 2:31 AM: Not Feeling Safe: A Faculty member called and reported that he heard sounds like someone walking around his apartment. The mobile patrol team was dispatch immediately to his residence. As a result Frigate Bay Outpost was notified and WPC Williams #655 along with Ross mobile teams conducted search on the premises and its surroundings. There were no signs of any breakings or any other suspicious activities.

* Bird Rock 1:45 AM: Burglary: 4th semester student reported while at his home intruder(s) gained entry through a rear door which was left opened but secured by burglar bars. The intruder(s) removed the screws from the wall which fastened the burglar bar to gain entry. The following contents were stolen: (1) Laptop valued $1200US, (2) Digital Cameras valued US$500, (1) Bag Pack valued US$75 and US$100 dollars cash. WPC Samson #655 and PC Browne #341 along with both mobile patrol teams were at the scene.

Thursday, Apr. 28, 2011

* Potato Bay (time unknown): Alarmed Triggered :Dispatch Officer was informed Mobile Patrol Officers were Dispatch to Potato Bay. Upon Arrival Officer Paul scan the area to make sure it was safe and then proceed to the gate to check the internal surroundings. Police officer was on the seen and checked the house for any forced entry. It was discovered dogs were inside house and may have been the cause for triggering the alarm. The Doctor is currently off island

Tuesday, Apr. 26, 2011

* Golfview 12:35 AM: NOT FEELING SAFE: Student reported that she heard a noise at her back door and requested the officers of the mobile patrol to check the back door. Officers Belle and McDonald were dispatched to the scene. However, Officer Belle reported that he was on the phone with the student as he shone the vehicle lights on the door and she informed him that she checked the said door and it was secured. The sound may have been as a result of the wind rattling the wire mesh.

Saturday, Apr. 23, 2011

* Frigate Bay 10:00 PM: A Jeep was stolen from 3rd semester student but found less than twenty-four hours and returned to it’s owner by two men unknown to him. The owner was unable to give discription of the men whom he had never seen before. It was discovered that the ignition can start with any key or even screwdrivers. He parked his jeep in his yard later that night and discovered it missing the following morning. The vehicle was later found in the Challengers area about 10:40 on 25th April and towed to campus.

* Camps 9:47 AM: MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT: A 2nd Semester student left her vehicle in care of her fellow student. The same was parked at the front of her home at Camps at about 10:30 pm. Next day at about 09:15am she discovered the Car missing from where she parked it. Investigation later revealed the car is a White Toyota Camry registration Plate # PA 5167. The traffic department was contacted and investigation is ongoing.

* Frigate Bay 1:25 AM: CAR THEFT: A student reported his car was parked outside his residence and later stolen. The student said he parked his vehicle outside his residence at 8.30pm. He later went to check and saw it missing. Ross security responded along with WPC Christmas who conducted the investigation. At about 09:30am next day, two men brought his Jeep to him and claim that same found at Ziggy’s Bar on the Stripe. He was unable to give description of the men. However, vehicle was returned in good condition.

* Frigate Bay (time unknown): ALARM ACTIVATED: An employee of Caribbean Security System reported to dispatch at about 8:48 pm that the alarm at the faculty’s residence has been activated; as a result officer Richardson of Ross mobile patrol was dispatch to the scene, and WPC. Abbott at Basseterre Police Station was informed. Follow Up: – With reference to the above report Dr. Jodi Peeler, faculty called and reported that the alarm was a false alarm.

* Frigate Bay (time unknown): VEHICLE BURGLARY: Student reported that on 22nd April, she parked her car outside of her apartment and at about 06:00am on 23rd April, when she went to her car she noticed the car ransacked and a coverall missing. She was informed by a neighbour that someone was seen in the car at about 02:00am on the 23rd April. Follow Up: – Student stated value of the coverall was USD$40.00 and that she had left the vehicle open. #652 WPC. Williams-Frigate Bay Outpost investigated the matter.

* Fort Tyson Rise (time unknown): BURGLARY: Student reported that while away from her apartment, she was informed by Caribbean Security that her alarm has been activated. As a result, she went home at about 8:30 pm and met the sliding glass door open. Entrance was gained by using force to pull open the sliding glass door and having entered, they stole two Gate Way laptop computers value USD$700.00 each, two IPods USD$250 ea, one IPod value USD$80.00, a case of 12 DVD value USD$20.00ea. Exit was made at the point of entry

Friday, Apr. 22, 2011

* Fortlands 5:25 PM: REPORT: Student reported leaving home at Fortlands in her vehicle and when she got in the vicinity of Wigley and Cardin Avenue a young man with a monkey stopped her and asked for a ride and she told him ” No” he opened the car door and began entering the car but another car was behind her and was tooting its horn; as a result, he closed the door and left. The student further stated that she was fine and does not wish for security to visit her. No action was taken as per student’s request.

* Frigate Bay 3:50 AM: ATTEMPTED BURGLARY : A student called to report an intruder is in her apartment, Officer Tyson rushed to the scene and put on the beacon light of the mobile jeep. He was able to see a male individual dressed in black clothing, escaping from the balcony toward the seaside. The student was safe and nothing was stolen. The point of entry was made by point of exit. The Frigate Bay Outpost was informed and investigation is ongoing.

Tuesday, Apr. 19, 2011

* Ocean Gardens 11:10 PM: TRESSPASSING: Student called and reported that she saw a suspicious man standing on the back step of her apartment. She called out to him from her window, asking him what he is doing there and he replied, he is looking for his brown and white Goat. Police Officer Christmas and security arrived and saw a person fitting the discription. As they approached the person he disappeared in nearby bushes. check of the premises was conducted by officers, all appeared secured at the student’s apartment

* West Farm 7:30 PM: REPORT: Two students had a dispute with a male individual over a cat. The individual left the cat on their porch a few weeks ago then came back and demanding money for the cat. They refuse to pay and refuse to give up the cat. Officer Maynard visited the student but the individual left the scene before security arrived.A follow up call was made to the students later in the evening but the individual did not returned.

Monday, Apr. 18, 2011

* Camps 12:36 AM: TRESPASSING: Student reported that while at his girlfriend’s home, she heard noise coming from her front door and when she looked out the window closest to the door, she saw a male in dark clothing running down the stairway outside. Officer Richardson went to the scene, saw and spoke with both students. He conducted patrol of the area and no suspicious person(s) were seen. No.97 Sergeant Gerald -Bassetere Police Station was informed.

Sunday, Apr. 17, 2011

* Paradise Height 7:50 AM: VEHICLE BURGLARY: A student residing at Paradise Heights, reported that she secured her vehicle during the night but when she went to the vehicle the next morning, she discovered all the doors open along with the hood. The vehicle was not moved and the battery was still intact. Officer Tyson visited the student and advised her to ensure she keeps her vehicle secured to help prevent another attempt.

* Halfmoon Bay (time unknown): MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT: Student reported that on 15/4/11, after 3:00 pm, her husband parked his dark grey Nissan Sentra car at the front of their apartment leaving it opened. The car was last seen on 16/4/11 at about 9:00 pm at the front of the apartment. On 17/4/11 at about 05:45 a.m he noticed that the car was missing. Officer Belle saw and spoke to the students. The patrol on duty was advised to look out for car No. 324, PC. McGuire –Frigate Bay Outpost is conducting investigations.

Saturday, Apr. 16, 2011

* Saint Kitts 4:00 PM: REPORT: A faculty reported via email that while his family was at the Sandy Bank Beach on Saturday April 16 at about 4.00 pm, a man who was acting strangely came and sat approximately 20 feet behind them and started to publically masturbate. The person is described as a black male between 5′ 4″ and 5′ 6″, stocky built, in blue jeans, white T-shirt, brown back pack and baseball cap, clean shaven and short hair, and early 20s. This is reported for the information of persons using that beach.

* Campus 1:21 PM: ON CAMPUS INCIDENT: Security Officer at Post #2 reported to dispatch that he obsevered an incident involving a Kabuta driven upon a side curb in the vicinity of Housekeeping Office. He later learned from dispatch that damage was done to the air condition unit as a result of the accident from the Kabuto. Inquiries revealed that Keegan Williams of Facilities Department was the driver of the Kabuta.

* Frigate Bay-HMB 9:20 AM: NOT FEELING SAFE: A faculty reported that an individual dressed in army fatigues, with a red shir underneath passed by the road near to his residence looking suspicious. Ross Security Summoned to his residence and spoke to him. They scouted the area but saw no one fitting the description. The Officers noted workers on construction site near to faculty’s residence and it is possible that one of the workers may have left the site and passed along his residence. Patrols continued in the area.

Friday, Apr. 15, 2011

* Frigate Bay 10:55 PM: NOT FEELING SAFE: Student reported seeing a male wandering around the area of St.Christopher Club. The mobile patrol was dispatched to the scene. No.652 WPC Williams –Frigate Bay Outpost was informed and was asked to conduct patrol. Follow Up: Officer Bass called the student, informed her that the mobile was dispatched and she will be updated and the student responded saying we should not bother to update her because she is already locked in her apartment.

* Conaree 1:25 PM: COMPLAINT ON MECHANIC: Student Contacted Security and made report that he gave his Mechanic by the Name IBO his car to sell to someone who had interest in buying it some two (2) months ago, however, the person did not buy the car as planned so Ibo promise to buy the car but never give him (student) any money . Effort to contact the Mechanic went unanswered. Student seeking the assistance of the Mobile Patrol officers for the returned of his car. The Student is now in possession of his vehicle.

Wednesday, Apr. 13, 2011

* Camps 6:30 PM: NOT FEELING SAFE: Student reported that about 6.30 pm on Wednesday April 13, a black male in his thirties with a monkey on his shoulder came to her fence asking if they knew where a student lived with blue eyes and a car. They replied in the negative and he then asked if they can allow him to make a phone call. The student reported that they immediately left him and went into their residence. They reported the matter as they want others to know of this person. They had not call security.

* Camps 5:41 PM: HOUSEBREAKING AND LARCENY: A 2nd semester student stopped mobile patrol on routine via Bayview, Camps, and reported a break-in at his apartment. He reported that he left his place intact at 10.30 am and returned and made his discovery. Missing were a Toshiba laptop – US $800, EC$1000 -cash, head phones- EC$50, -perfume and 2 tank tops. He requested for no police investigation. Subsequently, the police was summoned to the scene since there was an ongoing feud between him and his landlord.

* West Farm (time unknown): VEHICLE BURGLARY: Student reported, sometime between 6.00 pm on April 12 and 10.00 am April 13, 2011 someone went into her vehicle and might have attempted to steal it. It was observed that the wires under the hood were tampered with, but believes that the lojack she had installed on the car wheel prevented the theft. This is the third time she had her car interferred with. Twice before it was stolen. This was reported at the office of the Director.

Tuesday, Apr. 12, 2011

* Horizons 12:01 AM: BURGLARY: A student and spouse retired to bed at about 9.30 pm and on Sunday they woke and noticed their apartment was broken into. A sliding glass door was observed as the point of entry. There was damage to the lock but the glass was not broken. There were no burglar bars on the residence. Reported missing were one Mac computer valued at US$2000.00, one 60G ipod and charger valued US$300.00, one Nokia cell phone W/ charger, wine and EC$300.00 from wallet.

* Amory Drive (time unknown): BURGLARY: A student reported to the Director of Safety & Security that her black Toshiba laptop valued at US$430.00, hard drive valued at US$100.00 and camera valued at US$200.00 were stolen. It was reported window was left opened and there was a possibility that the person(s) took an object and pulled the table that the items were on towards window and took items through the window. The student noticed theft when about to the leave for school. The matter was reported to the police.

Monday, Apr. 11, 2011

* Cedar Grove 9:21 AM: NOT FEELING SAFE: 1st semester student called reported gun shots heard in her vicinity and was concerned. Ross mobile was dispatched to the area and spoke with the complainant. They met Wpc Henry #391 of the Stapleton police station, who said a complaint was already tabled about the incident. A joint patrol of police and Ross mobile scouted the area and found no one. Ross mobile officers advised the complainant to ensure her doors are locked and her windows are properly secured.

Sunday, Apr. 10, 2011

* Cedar Grove 6:50 PM: Report: Officer Lake reported that while patrolling Cedar Grove, she saw a male individual looking suspicious and as she approached, he ran into a nearby cane field. Officer Lake also visited Stapleton Police Station and spoke to NO. 192 Francis. Both Officer Lake and P.C Francis patrolled the Cedar Grove area but saw no one fitting the description. The Police remained scouting the Cedar Grove area for any possible suspects.

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One Response to April Crime Incidents Reported by RUSVM

  1. Camelita says:

    As Kittitian living in the US, I am sorry for the students at Ross University. My advice to you and fellow students is to hold a rally and publicize the degree of crime and other things that you who are bringing money in the country have to live under. The government do not care and nothing will be done until a family member of the prime minister or one of his cabinet is injured or killed. Ross need to pull out before some innocent member of the university is killed. Mark my words this is only a matter of time. Crime have been escalating in SKN and the government do not care and have no plans in place to address it. You will only get someone done if you protest and get the attention of the US and UK media. As I said start a demonstration, stop being so docile, you are the ones at risk, not the government and its ministers. Do not stop until something done or Ross decides to relocate some place else. I have not been back to SKN, and I do not have any need to return until the crime situation have been addressed and dealt with. I feel safer traveling on the NY subway late at nights than walking around in SKN even in the broad daylight.

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