Thoughts From a Kittitian

Eye on St. Kitts would like to bring attention to a comment posted in June by a Kittitian who currently lives in New York City:

As Kittitian living in the US, I am sorry for the students at Ross University. My advice to you and fellow students is to hold a rally and publicize the degree of crime and other things that you who are bringing money in the country have to live under. The government do not care and nothing will be done until a family member of the prime minister or one of his cabinet is injured or killed. Ross need to pull out before some innocent member of the university is killed. Mark my words this is only a matter of time. Crime have been escalating in SKN and the government do not care and have no plans in place to address it. You will only get someone done if you protest and get the attention of the US and UK media. As I said start a demonstration, stop being so docile, you are the ones at risk, not the government and its ministers. Do not stop until something done or Ross decides to relocate some place else. I have not been back to SKN, and I do not have any need to return until the crime situation have been addressed and dealt with. I feel safer traveling on the NY subway late at nights than walking around in SKN even in the broad daylight.

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5 Responses to Thoughts From a Kittitian

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are no kittitian

  2. Anonymous says:

    No sane student at UMHS (University of Medicine and Health Sciences) or Ross vet school will organize a demonstration or be involved in local politics here to combat crime. Any involvement will cause blow back. That is why the majority of students tend to just study, keep interaction with locals to a minimum (because you know most interactions are negative), vow to never return to this place and encourage people to visit and study at safer and more developed Caribbean islands.

    So what can be done to improve things in St. Kitt’s? Don’t rely on foreigners like us to bring change. This is your government, so own it and demand it to do their job so that the federation can care for its important industries: tourism and students. Anything we do will cause blow back and we will be called “colonialist” and there will be voices saying, “Who are you to tell us what to do?” So honestly, this is your fight folks, not ours. If you want us to stay and be happy being here and to tell others to visit St. Kitt’s and to study here, you know exactly what you need to do.

  3. Sammi says:

    HI, Im a prospective Ross Vet Student and am concerned about the recent surge in crime. Do most students truly not feel safe in St. Kitts? im from a big city, with crime, so i am used to being aware of my surroundings, and other common sense precautions.

  4. Hallie Chandler says:

    As an incoming student of University of Medicine and Health Science in St. Kitts, I find this interesting. However, I think that there are issues with crime anywhere. I know some people think of NYC as unsafe, but once you know the area it isn’t a problem. I also think as a medical student, my biggest concern will be my studies. Other people I know who are currently attending UMHS St. Kitts don’t seem to have any issues, so I think we’ll be okay.

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