Report a Crime

Scroll down to see the crime map

We want to provide a database of criminal activity on St. Kitts.

You can add an icon to the public map below by visiting the Google Maps editing screen and following these instructions:

1) Log in to your Google account (required to edit the map).
2) Click “Edit” in the left sidebar, near the title “Crime on St. Kitts.” (Note: Don’t click “Edit” in the navigation bar above the map. That link is for adding a business or landmark to the Google Maps database.)
3) Zoom in to the location where the incident occurred.
4) Click the blue “add a placemark” icon at the top of the map.
5) Click on the map where the crime occurred.
6) Enter a title in the box that appears. In the description area please list the date, time and location of the incident, and also describe the nature of the crime.
7) Click “OK” to save and close the report window.
8) Click “Done” in the left sidebar to save the map for others to see.
9) Return to this page and click the browser reload button to see your icon on the map.

Please send questions, concerns, or corrections (for example, if we mark the wrong place on the map) to eyeonstkitts[at] Remember, this website is only a community resource. You should always report a crime to the police first. Here is their contact information:

Royal St. Kitts & Nevis Police Force
Force Headquarters
Cayon Street
St. Kitts

Emergency: 911
Anonymous Hotline: 707
Headquarters: 869-465-2241
Fax: 869-465-7078

Most wanted:

Crime Map

Click the icon to learn more about the incident. Zoom in or move around using the controls in the upper left-hand corner. Note: Most icon locations are approximate, since the island does not use any address system.


One Response to Report a Crime

  1. Fred Heinzler says:

    I have received a reply from Vaughan Henderson to my email below. I am still awaiting a reply from the Prime Minister’s Press Secretary, Erasmus Williams, as he is away in Taiwan at the moment.

    I am a dedicated visitor to St. Kitts who is very concerned about the rising crime rate in St. Kitts. I have been visiting for over five years and have many local friends who share my concerns.
    The latest attacks on Ross students at the Frigate Bay strip has me wondering if I should be reconsidering travelling to St. Kitts until there is better control over the increasing crime.
    Do you have any suggestions as how we as concerned citizens and visitors can work together with the St. Kitts government and police force to stop this rise in crime?
    Your suggestions and comments are most welcomed.
    Fred Heinzler ”

    From: Vaughan Henderson
    Subject: Re: Crime
    To: “Fred H”
    Received: Saturday, March 5, 2011, 4:55 PM

    Am very interested in your comments but I want to assure you that much of what has been reported on crime in St. Kitts is sensationalized. There are just two unfortunate murders in the country for the year. We deeply regret any type of incident that might tarnish our visitors’ experience or our reputation as a safe and welcoming destination, as each year thousands of visitors safely explore and enjoy the many attractions of our island. As law enforcement authorities, the police are committed to root out the persons responsible when crime occurs and ensure that they are held accountable for their actions.

    If you have any tips regarding crime of any nature,
    please contact:

    Royal St. Kitts & Nevis Police Force
    Force Headquarters
    Cayon Street
    St. Kitts

    Emergency: 911
    Anonymous Hotline: 707
    Headquarters: 869-465-2241
    Fax: 869-465-7078

    Most wanted:

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