October Crime Incidents

Below is an abridged list of items listed on the RUSVM Incident Report System in October 2011. Included are any incidents of a criminal nature. We publish this list because it is currently only available to RUSVM students — not their family members or friends, or others living on St. Kitts who would benefit from this information.

Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011
  • Horizons 7:00 PM: HOUSEBREAKING AND LARCENY: There has been strange discovery by one 4th semester student who reported meeting her bedroom door and the porch door opened. The student claimed securing them all before leaving for school. She was advised to exit the apartment until the arrival of the security team but she told Dispatch, the entire house was searched and it appeared safe. Mobile Officer Williams and PC Cotton arrived on scene to conduct investigations. Stolen, 1pair of sunglass valuing US $150.00
  • Mattingley Heights 12:00 PM: ATTEMPTED BREAKING: From Mattingley Heights, a fourth semester student called from a cell phone and reported that she secured her home at about 09:00 hrs and upon returning home at about 12:15 hrs she discovered one of her window broken, the window screen destroyed and her dog received a cut on it’s upper lip. An entire check of the apartment was made and no sign of entry was evident and no valables were stolen.

Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011
  • Basseterre 7:30 AM: MISSING PROPERTY: Barbara Dasch 5th. semester student came to Post One and reported that she lost her small blackwallet containing one (1) Scotia bank card, one (1) New York Drivers Licence, one (1) St. kitts Drivers Licence, one (1) Ross ID and $40 E.C. The wallet was last seen on the afternoon of 25th October, 2011 in the front seat of her car. The student was advised to make a report to the police. The matter is under investigation.
Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011
  • Basseterre 12:30 PM: COMPLAINT ON MECHANIC: One 4th semester student called and reported giving her vehicle to her machanic, Devon Michael of New Pond Site to fix and he gave the same to another mechanic because he could not fix the problem. Since that time, she has been experiencing difficulty retrieving her vehicle. She requested Security assistance, the mechanic was contacted via his cellular number and he agreed to recover the vehicle by the evening of today’s date and return it to the student.
  • Halfmoon Bay 9:30 AM: HOME ALARM TRIGGERED: A student came to Post One and reported that she needs transportation to her home because the alarm is going off. She also said that she reported the matter to Frigate Bay Outpost. Officer Lake left campus in mobile vehicle, PA-8504 to accompanied the student to her residence. Deputy Director, Mr. Christian and WPC Charles of the Frigate Bay Outpost were informed.
  • Fort Tyson Rise 9:01 AM: ATTEMPTED BREAKING : Person(s) attempted to break-in a student home at Ft. Tyson Rise but no entry was gained. The intruder tried to enter the bedroom by an exterior door but ran away when the student spouse sounded her voice. The intruder left on the scene a hammer and a screwdriver. Officer Williams attended the scene as well as No. 324 Cpl. Mc.Guire of the Frigate Bay Outpost. Police investigation is ongoing. ” This is a Non- Ross Inspected Home.”
Sunday, Oct. 23, 2011
  • Bird Rock Extension (time unknown): ATTEMPTED BURGLARY: An attempt was made to break into one (1) student’s apartment located in the Bird Rock area, when the intruder entered the premises and was found peeping through a window of the apartment. No entry was gained into the house by the intruder and nothing was stolen. Officers H. Woodley and K. Williams visited the scene as well as Officer 669 PC Ford of the Basseterre Police Station. They scouted the area and found no suspicious persons.
Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011
  • Basseterre (time unknown): VEHICLE BURGLARY: On the 22nd of October, downtown at Port Zante, a student’s vehicle was parked while she went to Sweet Cane Restaurant. The vehicle was left unlocked in the parking lot. When she returned about 12 mid-night she discovered her school books, camera, cell phone, Scotia Bank Card and Social Security Card were all missing. PC 669 Ford of the Basseterre Police Station was informed and Investigation is ongoing.
Friday, Oct. 21, 2011
  • Frigate Bay 7:30 PM: LARCENY OF PRIVATE PROPERTY: While at Ziggy’s Bar on the Strip, one male student reported leaving his back pack on a bench at Ziggy’s Bar for about 20 minutes and when he returned he discovered it missing. The bag contents were; one wallet with one hundred ($100.00EC) dollars, a bunch of keys and one cellular phone along with some clothing. The following day the bag was discovered by police in the Fort Lands area and handed over to Ross Security. Several contents remained incuding Ross ID
  • Fort Tyson Rise (time unknown): NOT FEELING SAFE:- From Fort Tyson Rise, at approximately 20:15 on 21st October 2011, a call was made by one female student who reported someone is walking around her house and it appears as though the person was making attempts to enter her house. The suspect was seen by another student who saw him looking through a window of the student who made the report. The student was unable to give a description of the person.
Thursday, Oct. 20, 2011
  • Halfmoon Bay 8:24 PM: REPORT: Three suspicious persons were seen coming from a house under construction near a 1st semester student’s home. This was evident after her dog was barking persistently at the men. Officer Taylor responded to the report, he scouted the area and found nothing usual. He reported his findings to the student. Two hours later, two other men emerge from the same house. The student who lives with a roommate was not hurt in any way.
  • Frigate Bay 7:25 PM: OFF CAMPUS INCIDENT: Caught Fire in Frigate Bay area, was a vehicle belonging to a student. The student managed to escape the vehicle unhurt. She also was able to put out the fire with the assistance of bystanders. Officer Williams attended the scene also the Fire and rescue services. WPC Malone and PC Chapman of the Frigate Bay Outpost were also at the scene. The cause of the fire was the battery terminal which was touching the top of the bonnet and cause the battery to explode.
Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011
  • Basseterre (time unknown): POLICE CUSTODY: A telephone call was received by a faculty of Ross University that one 7th semester student was in police custody, arrested for driving without insurance. The Director of Safety and Secuirty attended at the Basseterre Police Station and assisted with the situation.
  • Frigate Bay (time unknown): DOMESTIC DISPUTE;- Student that had a domestic dispute was provided assistance of being moved from her old address by the Safety & Security Department of RUSVM.
Sunday, Oct. 16, 2011
  • Halfmoon Bay 10:08 PM: REPORT: Report was received from a student who claimed having seen a vehicle parked in a dark area where there is no building and appears to be suspicious. Officer Williams. M was dispatched to the area and when approaching the said area the vehicle drove away; he was unable to identify the license plate number, but noticed that there were two persons a male and female in the car as it left the area. The student was also advised to have her premises lighted for her safety.
  • West Farm 7:00 PM: REPORT: From the West Farm area, a man who was seen dressed in dark clothing by a male student, came up to his apartment window and whistled. The student while sitting on his couch, responded to the sound by looking around then he was asked by the man if he wanted drugs to buy; he told him no and the man walked away. Officer Daley was dispatched to the scene and having spoken to the student he made a check of the area but no suspicious person was seen.
Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011
  • Horizons 4:22 PM: REPORT: Out of Frigate Bay; one (1) 1st Semester student returned to her residence from the beach and noticed a strange looking man in the area. Officer Williams M. was on the scene and the student stated seeing the man walking around the back of the apartment then got into his vehicle, number P1904 and drove off. An entire check of the area was conducted by the OfficerWilliams who claimed being familiar with the vehicle. Howerver, the vehicle was not seen in the area during his patrol.
Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011
  • Mattingley Heights 4:55 PM: LARCENY OF PRIVATE PROPERTY: Dispatch received report of one 4th semester student’s blue bicycle that was parked in front of her porch at about 1700hrs on the 10th October. Having check the following day, she discovered it missing. The bicycle was not in use because of deflated tyres. The value of the bicycle is about US$800.00. W/PC Williams of the Basseterre Police Station was informed and the Mobile patrol teams were advised to be on the lookout for the bicycle base on description given.
  • West Farm (time unknown): THEFT: student reported that on October 11, 2011 she left her book bag at the Old Soap Room of the VTH and some time after found that her bag was entered and her wallet stolen. Included in her wallet were 2 credit cards, her driver’s license and about EC$10.00. The credit cards and driver’s license were later found and returned to student. The matter is under investigation.
Friday, Oct. 07, 2011
  • Bird Rock (time unknown): CAR BREAKING: Telephone report was received by Dispatch on behalf of another student that person(s) broke his vehicle window glass on the passenger side. Stolen were one IPod and card valued at about $200:00 U.S dollars. Sergeant Drew and W/Corpl Rogers of Criminal Investigation Department conducted the investigation into the matter. Officers Williams.M and Jarvis of Ross Mobile team were dispatched to the scene.
Sunday, Oct. 02, 2011
  • Camps 8:35 PM: KNOCKING ON DOOR : Student roommate came to Post #1 and made a report on her behalf, stating that some person(s) knocking on her apartment door. Student told mobile patrol that while she was in her room studying , she heard three loud knocking on the front door, she made a check to see who was knocking but did not see anyone , She checked on the outside and still no one was seen. She contacted her roommate and informed him, he was not at home at the time of the incident but came home later
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3 Responses to October Crime Incidents

  1. John Selden says:

    You know, these crime reports sound really bad, but if we could see similar crime reports for any major city in the U.S., wouldn’t they be just as bad or worse? Maybe it is easier in the U.S. to move to an area where crime isn’t as much as an issue (i.e., maybe it is more pervasive on SKN). I just sometimes wonder if we’re not reading too much into this information.

    • eyeonstkitts says:

      We do not post this information as a suggestion about the crime rate on St. Kitts. We post this information because we believe that it should be made available to the public. It’s not certain how the crime rate vs. crime enforcement on St. Kitts compares to other places in the world. Regardless, we can still push for potential improvements to security measures on St. Kitts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am the mother of a future St. Kitts student and I am worried about her safety (as it was pointed out to me by some of my friends). But if I look at the crime rate for a month in Chicago, Washington, New Orleans, Compton and Philadelphia I may have a little bit more peace of mind. She just needs to be mindful of her surroundings at all time.
    Please keep posting the reports.

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