Discussing the Armed Robbery of Ross Professor on SKNVibes

SKNVibes offers a comment forum on each of their news stories, but the comments are only displayed on a separate page. Their Monday story about the armed robbery of a Ross professor on 3/20/11 has generated a few dozen comments. Viewed together, they provide a snapshot of the problems faced by all people living on the island of St. Kitts, not only Ross students and faculty. Here are some examples. Please share your own ideas and concerns in the comment box below.

“The two crucial industries to St.Kitts are Tourism and resident Students. Needless to say both are under serious threat by violent crime. But what is the Government doing? Oh, borrowing 530 million to pay for ‘current requirements’ which we can only assume has already been spent! And nothing is earmarked for either crime or education. This Nation is a very short way from a mass exodus of the educated (and very frightened population). God help us then!” – MH

“The Federation used to be Sugar City, but it is becoming Stick Up City, and as the economic challenges become more severe thanks to 17 percent VAT, and now the Federation is borrowing another five hundred million dollars, Lord have mercy on our Beloved Country. Sad, sad, sad.” – mrd25

“Folks SKN has a two hardcore crisis on it’s hands which go hand in hand. The global economic collapse effects crime, and you have a new wave of thugs with their gangster rap who have started to speed up the collapse of SKN.. I repeat your expert on security Dwyer is no where to be seen ( that clown only pops up when it is in regard to his revenge on Douglas or if he thinks he can line his pocket) and therefore Dwyer is also speeding up the collapse of the federation. Your solution is – parents, villages,govt. military, schools, cops etc. pam, labor unite as one to attempt to save your future. My feeling now it is getting so bad you need automatic life with hard labor period. Your other choice of someday eating the grass from your lawns sucks.. Time to act before it is too late.” – Shaggy

“Douglas tell us already that he don’t take no responsibity for crime, so what do we expect ?? He put it on poor Mr Condor, who can’t even sneeze unless Douglas tells him to sneeze. The US Government supposed to be giving SKB two fast boats to help fight crime, but who is going to supply the ‘FUEL’ ?? These boats will be tied up at the Factory Pier like the others, or maybe beached at Frigate Bay like the other two, REMEMBER ????????” – NY

“We life in st kitts to hard ,things to expensive and man cant save ….so if we hungry what left to do ….more crime comming MAN HUNGRY” – The original hit man

“Very soon the universities and all the tourists will leave us here alone to our own selves and the economy will be a zero.” – beddys

“police you all have 2 set traps, when you want catch a rat same for these bandits.easy way 2 set one at halfmoon its a two way conaree or frigate bay.at nites put a army man in d bush from conaree end and d other from frigate bay end from 8pm any car go in or out register ther number any walkers call for asistance.” – set traps

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